Domainer Elite 2.0 Review

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Speedy Summary of Domainer Elite

Rating: 4 out of 5. Has a better than average measure of data at the cost point

Geniuses: Solid video instructional exercises, covers area and site flipping and gives the assets you have to get gazed.

Cons: There is no composed guide tragically. I wasn't excited with the upsells either.

Our Recommendation: If you're occupied with space flipping, then Domainer Elite is absolutely a decent decision for getting a strong establishment of learning. It's not impeccable, but rather at the value point it's still a strong item.

Full Review

There's a trap that I think any beginner online advertiser falls into. It can be a lethal trap, and it's positively regularly an inefficient trap.

What is it? Area accumulating!

This is the point at which you purchase a great many domains after area, continually saying you will accomplish something awesome with this space, one day, perhaps, kind of.

By and by I brought my space obtaining compulsion under control with just 30 or so areas in my record (a colossal 4 of them were dynamic locales and just 2 were really being taken a shot at).

I've known about individuals accumulating many areas, that is a huge number of dollars of web land there!

Is it accurate to say that you are that way? Consider the possibility that I let you know there was an approach to conceivably turn a benefit on those torpid areas, and any future spaces you purchase.

Area Flipping

Generally vendors in practically any specialty would purchase an item and afterward attempt and offer it at a higher cost. Space names are the same, and can be madly productive!

Area flipping is not another thought, but rather as of late it appears to have fallen by the wayside for shinier and more up to date methods for profiting on the web.

When I saw Domainer Elite, it aroused my sentimentality and it likewise resembled a conceivably questionable item because of its bad-to-the-bone promoting style (read over the top, part's capitalized and claims of wealth), both of which implied I HAD to survey it!

The Domainer Elite 2.0 Sales Pitch

As said over, the attempt to seal the deal for this program helps me a great deal to remember different dodgy web advertising items I've bought before.

It makes utilization of a shortage strategy, a commencement clock, that resets on page revive (so it's not genuine) and in addition other more standard promoting strategies. The aggregate of it abandons me feeling somewhat uneasy, obviously that doesn't mean it's an awful item as regularly successful web based showcasing can seem to be a tiny bit in your face.

Restarts on revive, so not by any stretch of the imagination a stress.

The attempt to seal the deal expresses that what you will get is a guide on the best way to discover attractive space names and flip them for benefits.

Obviously the pitch gives screenshots of immeasurable measures of cash (a huge number of dollars) however which are totally outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand and can't be checked.

It does however give a Listing History screenshot that provides some authenticity, however whether they are the aftereffect of utilizing this framework is hard to state.

One exceptionally fascinating some portion of the attempt to seal the deal was a video of the individual behind this item, Jamie Lewis, taking a lie finder test.

It looked honest to goodness, however there was no inquiries got some information about this specific item simply broad "did you profit", "did you ever deceive customers" sort questions. There was additionally no real way to access the full outcomes (the alternative wasn't completely there).

Thusly I wouldn't generally utilize this as evidence of anything, aside from that he has enough cash to pay a resigned cop and a videographer.

Buying Domainer Elite

Disregarding the apparently fake 90% markdown, Domainer Elite as of now offers for $19.95. Notwithstanding, as with most web showcasing items, this low passage cost is quite recently the tip of an ice shelf.

There are 3 upsells:

Domainer Elite Software License $97 – programming to help computerize the procedure

Domainer Elite VIP Webinar Coaching $67 – pre-recorded online classes

Contract One of My Expert Assistants $297 – a virtual associate for 5 postings

The just a single I would consider here is the product however it's not so much programming (to a greater degree a total of administrations site) and is redundant (no upsells are ever important).

The real item is access to the Domainer Elite 2.0 site's part's zone.

The primary thing you are indicated is a rundown of 12 preparing recordings, each enduring somewhere close to 3 to 35 minutes in length (around 20 minutes by and large), so there are a few hours of preparing here.

The nature of every video changes, yet every one of them are reasonable and watchable, Jaime is clear and brief and the preparation itself goes easily.

The preparation covers an assortment of regions in regards to area flipping:

Space acquiring

The most effective method to discover lapsed areas

Utilizing Flippa to offer the space

The recordings additionally incorporate a limited time video for the Domainer Elite 2.0 Bonus programming and a couple of littler recordings demonstrating genuine deals.

The recordings have been made at various circumstances and for various groups of onlookers, so they don't all "work", and all things considered you may locate some dreary substance however this can help penetrate the information home!

Still, the recordings contain a considerable measure of data and even the "I made a deal" recordings have intriguing pointers to take away.

Whatever is left of the site has an assortment of various subjects secured. Tragically, yet expected, the vast majority of the menu connects out to either the upsells or associate connections to administrations like GoDaddy and Aweber.

Be that as it may, the connections ARE helpful, and they connection to spots you will need to visit day by day in any case, while space or site flipping.

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