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Self proclaimed "gurus" speaking about how precisely you need more traffic to your sites... aren't you sick of it already?

Seriously though. What happened about actually focusing on the traffic you already have?

Traffic doesn't suggest anything unless you can convert those visitors into leads and buyers.

Here's what this amazing software really does:

Ethically and legally spy - by looking over your visitors shoulder - to see how they interact and engage with your content, sales pages, squeeze pages, etc...

It's just what this software helps you to do, and more...

What is Convertifire?

Convertifire ethically spy on website visitors & customers with heatmaps and behaviour recordings!
Plus more suggestions tools like polls, surveys, conversion funnels, and form analysis.

An All-In-One Comments Tool, including Revealing Heatmaps & Powerful Behavioral Recordings, Feedback Polls & Surveys, Conversion Funnels, and more...

Convertifire Review  is a suggestions tool really easy and powerful to use, nothing else on the market could touch it. It is the world's most effective conversion machine that's revolutionizing the way you market in 2017 and beyond using top of the range features.

It's the absent bit of the puzzle and perfect addition to Google Stats. It fills the space by being able to see through heat maps, click maps, scroll maps and recorded visitor sessions to understand how your visitors act and consume your site.

You will find literally over 1000s of ways marketers, designers, developers, marketing consultants and business owners can use this data

Creating A/B Break up Test Ideas
During a Website Redesign
"Above the Fold" Testing
Conversion Level Optimisation
Navigation Refinements
For "Before" and "After" Situation Research
Confirm Site Protection and Potential Vulnerabilities
Display screen Resolution Optimization
It's almost like you have Jedi-like powers... Eliminate the guesswork. Cease relying on 'best practice', and finally know your own metrics.

Tweak your visitors' objections to help boost conversion, increase sales and grow your company!

Convertifire's Key Features:
The particular World's Most Powerful Conversion Machine...

That's Revolutionizing the Way You Market in 2017 (and Beyond) Applying Top-of-the-Line Features!

Understand what visitors want, care about and do on your site by seeing their ticks, taps and scrolling habits - strong indicators determination and desire.

Click Heatmaps
Confetti Heatmaps
Element Heatmaps
Scroll Heatmaps
Eye-Movement Heatmaps
2 . Bevahioral Recordings

Remove guesswork by seeing your visitor's clicks, taps and mouse movements, and identify issues they encounter. Get back control!

Replay guest sessions
Tag & Discuss Recordings
Take notes, view actions.
Filter your Songs
3. Conversion Funnels

Optimize your money maker! Enhance for improvement and tests by identifying from which step in the funnel visitors are dropping off.

Setup unlimited steps
Watch drop-off recordings
Compare Funnels (Old vs. New)
4. Type Analysis

Do your forms convert? Increase conversions and completion rates on join forms by discovering which fields are not executing.

Visualize form and field proposal
Identify problematic fields
View drop-offs and distribution numbers
5. Feedback Polls

Know the reasons behind your visitor's behavior with polls that can be associated with specific user recording sessions. Be able visualize their entire experience.

Get comments directly from site visitors
Numerous question types including NPS
Visualize feedback and results
Customizable widget
6. Comments Surveys

Get inside your visitor's mind! Build receptive surveys to gather responses in real-time from any device. Answers represented in finger-licking graphs!

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