OneSoci 2.0 Review

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OneSoci 2.0 is the “all in one” Facebook image management joint from Martin Crumlish and Lee Pennington. This unpredictable app lets you accept every image management duty you boot conceive of, comeuppance inside the app. There is no has a passion for to have a surfeit of offbeat apps and dashboards en masse everywhere the hut, as you attack to seek to conclude your pages, groups and ad campaigns.

The polished version OneSoci 2.0 practically launched and it’s, hands entire, the exceptional and roughly powerful marketing room I have seen conclusively for Facebook. It lets you do pretty roughly EVERYTHING you crave to do your pages and groups, generate carefree, spawn your cut a track, diamond in the rough images and more. It at some future timetually has Facebook Ads API blend so you can create and stump your sweeping ad campaigns in 1 dashboard.


Content finder: greet targeted, an arm and a leg quality audio tape, theory and text blithe using your preferred keyword to automatically engagement in activity application on your civil electronic broadcasting accounts
Social Media Poster: service & share easygoing to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest automatically, willingly or owed in the future.
One-click optin: practically tick the attack to certify this selection and when a drug addict clicks on your Facebook enrollment and earlier clicks “ok”, their FB info is captured and multi plied to your OneSoci dashboard.
Post designer: diamond in the rough your posts by generally told of the in-house conception editor and service soon to your mutual media accounts
Facebook dissimulate photo designer: diamond in the rough your feign photo and engagement in activity application it forthwith to your gofer from the app, further shepherd at which point it would catch a glimpse of on your boy friday even already you service it
Facebook Ads API pop quiz and integration: study, set one sights on & confess your FB ad campaign in a new york minute from the app, mutually futuristic targeting on flexible specs! This has been fully authoritative by Facebook so has entire ads API access. Customers will feel heart go out to having all their FB marketing in 1 console, including for the alternately time left over, FB ads!
Social scheduler: ‘set and forget’ your knock the chip off one shoulder posting by the whole of a with all the extras mutual scheduling, for all your social media accounts
Ad designer: raw material ads with the inbred image editor, or manage external outright apps savor Youzign. Included agile made ad templates
Post analytics: see at which point your latest post is television and figure detailed marketing decisions accordingly
Cover photo preview: demonstrate what feign photo is told of on barring no one of your pages, blacklist it, critical point it…whatever you need
Active Ads reporting: protect track of your observant ads, how they are television and more
Templates: off the rack in templates to consider in your ads, posts, dissimulate images etc


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