Lifetime.Hosting Review

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What exactly is Lifetime Hosting?

Why Carry out My Clients Need This?

Website hosting is the blah, blah, blah. Just joking.

I probably do not need to describe to you what web hosting is. You know. Your list probably already knows what web hosting is & that they need it.

Since your list already knows that they need web hosting, you just need to tell them why they need Life time Hosting.

In a nutshell, Lifetime Hosting means the customer will pay just one time for their hosting. They will continue to sponsor your websites as long as you like.

They have got some really smart people, doing really complicated math, factoring in all kids of important information such as life time value of a consumer, monthly churn, hardware cost projections, end user support costs & more. They take all of that information and they have come up with a price that they can charge just one time to ensure they provides the perpetual web hosting & make a lttle bit of profit.

Lifetime. Hosting Overview

Vendor: Richard Madison
Merchandise: Lifetime. Hosting
Release Time: 2016-08-15
Release Time: ten: 00 EDT
Front-End Price: $14. 95, $37 - $67
Sales Page:
Niche: General


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