Email Jeet 2 Review

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Email Jeet 2 Review - What is it?

Email Jeet 2 is the best desktop mailing software for IMers.

1. List Management

2. Optin Types

3. Unsubscribes

4. Email Sequencing

Email Jeet 2 Review - Why should you choose Email Jeet

Desktop Email automation! Zero need to log in anywhere or remember security passwords.
Total Freedom! Email Jeet works together any SMTP supplier which has a SMTP interface. This can even work with your hosting!

Openly import your list! E-mail Jeet doesn't need dual optin or single optin. If your legitimately attained list, you can importance it right into E-mail Jeet and mail it instantly.

Only you have your list! Never feel insecure with regards to your list. You don't need to upload it anywhere and get worried about who has entry to it and exactly what they can make use of it for.

Acquire Better Delivery! Certain mailing provider getting you bad delivery? No problems! Migrate your list instantly to a different SMTP provider and email out. Keep your delivery rates and open rates high always.

Don't be held at ransom by autoresponder! Autoresponder has your list and then you’re their slave because weight loss migrate or import. With Email Jeet you can import your list freely and send it by using any SMTP!

No requirement to pay month-to-month! Stop paying a hefty monthly fee to control your lists and send your emails. With E mail Jeet you'll only pay for the mails you send out (To the SMTP provider). Take a break, a vacation, return and resume without having to pay for the time you were gone.

Ideal for Big & Small Checklist Owners! Small list proprietors, don't pay a month-to-month fee. Get Email Jeet one time, and mail eternally. Big list owners, get more control over your contacting and entry to multiple SMTP providers!

No Downtime! Ever experience autoresponder downtime? Will not happen with Email Jeet as it's on your PC. Mail anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Email Jeet 2 Overview - Features

Import your list easily.

Has support for Optin forms.

Help for unsubscribes.

Mail scheduling.

Autoresponder features.

Email Jeet connects to any professional SMTP provider like Sendgrid, Dyn, Mailgun, Mailjet, SMTP. com, or even your server's SMTP.


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