RebrandPress Review

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The Features…
RebrandPress allows you to take total control of the WordPress dashboard of your products and themes so that you may rebrand them as your own!

Complete WordPress Rebrand Ability
Get full control of your WordPress install dashboard for any theme, product or service. Easily change login screen setup, give a bright color schemes, hide & show dashboard sections and many more incredible features.

Color Scheme Options
With RebrandPress you have the capacity to change how your dashboard seems to fit your own product or service. With the color scheme options, you get to showcase a unique WordPress dashboard.
Complete Control of User Preferences
Manage, choose and established features for single or multiple users which have entry to the WordPress set up dashboard of your product.

Hide WordPress Describes
Total control of your WordPress install means hiding unwanted features and brands that clog up different components of the dashboard. RebrandPress can remove WordPress associated sections such as hyperlinks, news and update nourishes with simply a few clicks.

Why Choose RebrandPress?
A good progressive WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your WordPress mount with the branding of your product or service.

Easy to Install
RebrandPress Plugin can be installed in any WordPress dash right away, with no coding required

Newbie Friendly
Anyone can use RebrandPress wordpress plugin, whether you are an expert or a beginner with personal computers

Full Blogger Control
Everything you need in order to turn WordPress into the own slick, branded platform for multiple products & services

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