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Here’s how it works:
Your own website visitors click one button to opt in to your list. (NOTE: It can even appear immediately, on page load! )

Visitors won’t be necessary to download anything, permit alone install anything on the computer.

PushLotus is super convenient. It’s the subsequent best thing since e mail marketing!

It’s INSTANT (push notifications are delivered inside 5 seconds worldwide)
It is ALWAYS DELIVERED (there will be no Spam complaints or Jump rates)
It WORKS (you actually get 100% delivery price, each time)

It utilized to be ILLEGAL to get this done! But now, you seldom have to do any ‘blackhat’ stuff to accomplish the same effect as Facebook… Twitter… And some other multi-billion dollar companies!

PushLotus is 100% legal, and 100% compliant with all Phrases of Services.

I want to explain.

Back in the day time, you had to “cross over to the dark side” to have this specific power.

Remember when questionable marketers might have malicious spyware and adware on their website?

And when you would visit their particular website, suddenly you would start getting a few annoying notifications?

This has been the shady work regarding shady marketers. In truth, what they did has been ILLEGAL!

Those were the particular adware popups of the past. Not the new-age press notifications.

But here’s the thing… you no longer have to resort to be able to such immoral practices, due to the fact with the power of drive notifications, you can achieve a lot more.

this is usually a So what!

Marketers used to have to mount ADWARE on their site visitors’ computers, just to possess the ability to send out them instant alerts just like these.

But you do not have to become a legal to do this anymore!

What you are viewing here today is absolutely ground-breaking, because PushLotus utilizes a Push Notification feature that’s directly built directly into Firefox, Chrome and Firefox. It’s fully authorized by the recipients!

That’s exactly what makes it not only allowed, but actively encouraged!

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