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Why Waste Time Cloning Sites in 6 Seperate Steps?

Definitely The Point of Automation is To Make Life Easier

Basically what ought to be a basic processs of clone one site to alternate makes you into your very own representative business.

At this moment you need to 6 stages to clone a site:

Step1 – Install Plugin

Step2 – Configure Plugin

Step3 – Make Clone Image

Step4 – Upload Clone Image and Script

Step5 – Run Restore Script

Step6 – Run Permalink Scripts

Presently thats barely simple or time productive and a wide range of things as a rule turn out badly all the while. Yet, as of recently in the event that you needed to clone a site – that was your methodology

Cloning Allows You to Rapidly Grow Your Business

Copy Your Best Performing Sites Fast!

Why try cloning by any stretch of the imagination?

Unless you like the thought of physically introducing destinations, introducing topics/plugins, composing standard pages and arranging your installment processors one by one… then your other alternative is to clone.

Most website admins make default locales for every task and then clone thse destinations to another area.

So cloning is a route for website admins to easy route the new webpage assemble process, spare an



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